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Incorporating Alcohol Pharmacotherapies into Medical Practice $19.95
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Incorporating Alcohol Pharmacotherapies into Medical Practice

Alcohol use disorder is a primary health condition that interacts with and complicates many other health problems and psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, only a small number of people with alcohol use disorder receive appropriate treatment for substance use issues. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved four medications to treat alcohol use disorder, making treatment in primary care and other general medical settings a viable alternative to specialty care. This course will give you valuable information about these medications as well as a number of medications used off-label, empowering those you serve and increasing the likelihood of their recovery. Through interactive lessons and descriptive examples, you will learn about how these medications work and review recommended guidelines for treatment of alcohol use disorder. The target audience for this course is prescribers, although it will be informative for anyone who wants to better understand medication-assisted treatment (e.g. substance use disorder professionals, consumers, families, and mental health providers). As you proceed through the course, keep in mind several key facts: • Alcohol use disorder is a real and serious health condition. • Alcohol use disorder is identifiable and treatable in routine medical care settings. • Treatment is essential and recovery is very real - not a remote possibility. • Medications are increasingly available and effective in the right circumstances.
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Incorporating Alcohol Pharmacotherapies into Medical Practice
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