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Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment: Cardiopulmonary and Skeletal Systems $19.95
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Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment: Cardiopulmonary and Skeletal Systems

This is the four presentation in a six part, pre-recorded webinar series. Despite a plentiful food supply, adults may be at risk for macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies. The etiology of nutrient deficiencies may be due to disease, inflammatory stress, medications, consequences of medical interventions and poor diet. The increasing prevalence of nutrient deficiencies has been documented in the literature, yet many practitioners overlook or misinterpret the physical changes. Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment (NFPA) incorporates techniques of a physical assessment with a focus on evaluation of nutrient deficiencies. Clinicians need to be incorporating NFPA in their initial and follow up patient assessments. Products produced and/or distributed by Commercial Interest Organizations (CIOs) mentioned during this presentation are for educational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement by Academy Medical Systems, the course presenter, or the ANCC No member of the planning committee has a relationship with a CIO that could create a conflict of interest in planning or presenting this material. Thank you.
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Detecting Nutrient Deficiencies in Adults- Cardiopulmonary and Skeletal Systems
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